Real low’n’slow, wood smoked, authentic style BBQ

Real low’n’slow, wood smoked, authentic style BBQ in the west for breakfast and lunch, Monday to Friday

Weekends as advertised. Come get some

Prepare your tastebuds, the Hills District has just welcomed its first low n’ slow BBQ and bourbon bar, boasting a carefully curated menu from authentic Pitmaster, Brad Shorten. Expect mouth-watering 12-hour slow cooked brisket and pork belly to invigorate your taste buds, served alongside soul food classics such as homestyle mac n cheese, and delicious crunchy slaw.

For the ultimate Fire & Brimstone Barbeque experience, wash down your preferred meal with a glass (or two) of Buffalo Trace Bourbon – a whisky found to compliment BBQ admirably. Fire & Brimstone is also available for catering for your next event.

Whether you’re a family, couple, group of mates or on your own and hankering for a solo BBQ feast, Fire & Brimstone is the place to satiate your carnivorous appetite, in a relaxed environment with live music and good food for all.